AGFA Healthcare N.V., Belgium

Agfa HealthCare is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging and healthcare IT solutions for hospitals and care centers around the world. The business group is a major player on the diagnostic imaging market, providing analog, digital and IT technologies to meet the needs of specialized clinicians worldwide. The group is also a key player on the healthcare enterprise IT market, integrating administrative, financial and clinical workflows for entire, and even multiple, hospitals.

  • Today Agfa HealthCare offers over 100 markets access to its leading technologies and solutions, which range from Clinical Information Systems (CIS) and Hospital Information Systems (HIS), radiology information systems (RIS), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Data Centers, as well as advanced systems for reporting, cardiology, decision support, advanced clinical applications and data storage, systems for Direct Radiography (DR) and Computed Radiography (CR), classic X-ray film solutions and contrast media.

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